Bianca and Bridgett have come from a country town in North West Victoria, in Australia. Although like most other children from this town grew up on farms, Bianca and Bridgett grew up in their parents business which was a real estate agency.

Bianca and Bridgett developed a love for business from a young age as they grew up in a heavily business orientated household.

Bianca dropped out of her first year of university when she was 18 to follow in the family footsteps of Real Estate. Bridgett had started a Bachelor of Communications at Swinburne University majoring in Graphic Design. It was when Bianca was 25 she decided she wanted a greater sense of accomplishment and wanted to achieve a life long dream of becoming a lawyer. She enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts Law at Monash and later completed her degree at La Trobe University.

Bianca and Bridgett started their first business called Melbourne Stylists in 2011. Bianca was 25 years old and Bridgett was 21. The need to start their own business was born out of frustration they physically couldn’t make enough money on normal wages to survive. They also wanted flexibility to visit their family at Christmas time in the country without having to stay in the city and work in retail like most other university students.

With a $200 investment to start Melbourne Stylists, Bianca and Bridgett had no money at the time. The only money they invested was in a website as this was a service based business.

Bianca and Bridgett had used their marketing and branding skills to expand and leverage on a business with an almost zero cash outlay. Within one year Melbourne Stylists had accrued of 50,000 followers on Instagram and Bianca and Bridgett became known as one of the top celebrity fashion stylists in Australia, specialising in Red Carpet.

Melbourne Stylists was where it all began, it was 7 years in to that business that the sisters realised there was a demand for the fashion looks that they were creating on the red carpet.

Bianca and Bridgett was then born which was the game changer business wise. Through 7 years of experience with Melbourne Stylists Bianca and Bridgett turned their newest Business Bianca and Bridgett into a multi million dollar business in 12 months. They started with a $100,000 investment which they paid back their loan to the bank within 3 weeks.

By this point in time Bianca and Bridgett have evolved into young entrepreneurs. If the girls come across a lack in the market you can be assured they are going to bring it to life.

This is how Booby Tape was born. Booby Tape was invented out of sheer frustration and a demand for the product. Booby Tape is a unique business as its a world first and a global business.

Bianca and Bridgett thank you for your interest in their story and can’t wait for you to see what they have planned for the future.