Would mentoring suit me?

Mentoring is for anyone who is at the very beginning phase of their business even before you have an idea to establish a business. Your business may need some assistance, or you may have a business that is thriving and you just want to continue to grow and expand your knowledge base.

I think it's a lot of money, how are Bianca and Bridgett different to other mentors?

Whilst there are so many people providing expertise in the field of business, there are few who have actually succeeded to grow 2 multi-million dollar businesses within 12 months. Bianca and Bridgett personally have only invested money in people who have succeeded in their chosen industries and can provide a wealth of experience and knowledge that they don’t have. Bianca and Bridgett are proactive learners and are constantly learning, reading and training with some of the biggest industry leaders worldwide.

I currently have a business, but its a service. Can Bianca and Bridgett show me how to leverage my skill set to launch a product that I can sell to increase revenue?

Absolutely! Bianca and Bridgett are experts on cross selling and leveraging a product. If you have a service, for example a hairdressing salon where you can only fit a certain amount of clients per day, Bianca and Bridgett can show you and even help you think of a product that you can create which can still make you money while you sleep!

Do you do business overhauls? I need a refresh with my marketing, will you help with that?

Absolutely. Basically there isn’t much that the girls don’t do. Anything can be customised and personalised quotes can be made.

It just seems completely overwhelming starting a business. Will you tell me how to begin?

Definitely. Bianca and Bridgett have done this so many times, they will relieve you of the stresses of starting a business, based on experience highlighting everything you need to know to give you every chance at success.

Will you help me promote my services on your social media platforms?
Absolutely. This is something that can be discussed.

I think I have an invention, but I get overwhelmed with the Trademark and Patent issues. Is this worth it?

This questions is gold. If Bianca and Bridgett had invested in a seminar like this years ago it would have saved them over $100,000 in lawyers fees for a small trademark issue which should have been rectified before registering a business name. This was a very costly expense that now Bianca and Bridgett like to think they know a little bit about. Trademarking and patents are a complex issue and this is a brilliant workshop on how to keep your brand and intellectual property safe.

If I want to purchase more than one work shop, can you come up with a reduced price?

Prices for individual sessions are non negotiable however for more than 3 work shops please email Bianca and Bridgett for a customised quote.

Do you have ongoing mentorship programs? Can I call you?

This is something that needs to be personally tailored and yes, this can be discussed.

Can you help with photoshoots?

This is something that Bianca and Bridgett specialise in. Absolutely. 

Can you teach me how to leverage social media to increase my sales?

Absolutely, Bianca and Bridgett would love to help! They will refer you to their personal team who helps them with their own personal brands.

I want to start a skincare company. Can you help with manufacturers?

Absolutely! This is their latest venture. They have contacts for people locally and overseas.

I want to invest in influencers, but which ones work?

This is something that they have spent so much money on and they know first hand from trial and error. There are some amazing ones!

Can you please teach me how to tell if an instagram has fake followers?

This is something that they are very experienced at. There are so many influencers with fake followers at the moment. If you invest in the wrong ones this can become a very expensive experience.